"lose heart"的 请给出出处.

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"lose heart"的 请给出出处.
"lose heart"的

"lose heart"的 请给出出处.
lose heart:be discouraged丧失勇气(信心),灰心
lose one's heart to sb./sth.:fall in love with...;become very fond of...倾心于某人,十分喜爱某人或某物
lose one's heart"因……而心碎"
①Disney did not lose heart.迪斯尼并没有灰心.
②Mike has lost his heart to Kate.迈克已经爱上凯特.
③The young man almost lost his heart when he heard that his girlfriend died in the accident.当听说他的女友死于那起事故时,那个小伙子的心都碎了.